Tuesday, 18 February 2014

When you buy cheap Mig wire are you really saving money?

When you look at the total cost of any welding project the cost of the wire is more than likely less than 2% of the entire cost of the job, if this is the case then why is Mig wire so price sensitive?

When choosing a coil of Mig wire the customer should look at the quality of the wire rather than the cost for lots of reasons.

·         The better the quality of the wire the less re-work and ultimately more profit. Here’s why;

At least 50% of the total cost of any welding project is labour so ultimately the less rework involved then the less man hours involved.

 Re-work also has hidden costs in consumables. The abrasives and power tools and other consumables used in the post weld clean-up process are a huge hidden cost that has to be considered. Saving a few Euro on a coil of inferior wire will ultimately cost you more in man hours doing post weld tiding up that can be avoided.

·         Less clean up.

·         A better flow and a sounder weld even in less than perfect conditions.

·         Less spatter

·         More forgiving on consumables like torches, tips and shrouds which ultimately is another cost saving

So talk to us about our Alexweld  SG3 quality wire and think about the process and the project rather than the price the next time somebody tries to sell you cheap quality SG2 wire.

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